Tahquamenon Falls After Hours [ 4k ]

Night to day time lapse video of the Milky Way rising over Tahquamenon Falls in Michigans Upper Peninsula.

what you're seeing is the Milky ways galactic core rising high above Tahquamenon falls. The galactic core is only visible for a few months out of the year & rarely lines up perfectly with these falls - needless to say, countless hours went into planning & preparing for this shoot.


Tahquamenon After hours [4k]


Making of this video

"Tahquamenon Falls After Hours" was captured using both a Nikon D810 & Nikon D600. The D810 held the same angle throughout the night all the way till the end of our shoot the next day, while the D600 I had moving all over the place to capture different angles throughout the time we were there. Let me add, Dustin Dillworth & myself had to lug all this equipment ( around 7 pelican cases, multiple light stands, generators, camera bags, tripods, drones, extra gas etc. ) a mile and a half round trip which also included 100 stairs each way.. We made it all in one trip. Anyways we used a studio light with barn doors to control the shape of the light and spent about a half hour dialing in the set up, making sure the exposure was evenly distributed from multiple angles of the waterfalls to prevent us having to move the light later on & possibly compromising the shot. We had the light on the lowest power and let our cameras shutter speed burn in the ambient light. We had to make sure the studio light and the light from the stars were balanced evenly or else the studio light would have drown out the stars. All cameras were in manual mode all night and started manually ramping Shutter speed and ISO as the light started to change in the morning. I switched to aperture priority mode after the sun was already up ( didn’t want to risk it, sometimes it makes the wrong choice with dramatic light changes )

Base camera settings were:

ISO 2,000 F/2.8 20 second exposures

Thanks a lot!!

This shot is something I've been dreaming about for the last 5 years, you have no idea how excited I am to finally share it with you! ( watch in HD )


Behind the scenes

Please let me know what you think & thank you for sharing!

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