How to edit 4k, 6k, 8k video in Premiere Pro

Learn how to edit 4k, 6k and even 8k video easily on any computer or laptop. We'll do this by using Proxies in Adobe Premiere. for those of you who don't know what proxies are here's the basic idea of them. A proxy is a copy of your original High Resolution video, but scaled down to a lower resolution so your computer is able to handle the much smaller file. Doing this doesn't reduce quality in the final project - when you go to export Adobe Premiere will replace the lower resolution "Proxies" with the original High resolution footage they're attached to.

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Please note - these proxy presets were designed for people shooting Raw Time lapse videos where the captured Aspect ratio is 3:2 ( Full frame & Crop sensor DSLR cameras shooting photos and turning them into video - *Not just straight video*) You can however edit the presets to match your video's pixels across & up & down then use the online Aspect Ratio Calculator to find the equivalent dimensions to enter in for the Proxy.

*Download Proxy Presets*

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