by Morgan Andrew Somers.

Tahquamenon Falls After Hours

Behind the shot :

"Tahquamenon Falls After Hours" was captured using both a Nikon D810 & Nikon D600. The D810 held the same angle throughout the night all the way till the end of our shoot the next day, while the D600 I had moving all over the place to capture different angles throughout the time we were there. Getting this shot was no easy task, we had to lug all our equipment ( around 7 pelican cases, multiple light stands, generators, camera bags, tripods, drones, extra gas etc. ) a mile and a half round trip which also included 100 stairs each way.. We made it all in one trip. Anyways we used a studio light with barn doors to control the shape of the light and spent about a half hour dialing in the set up, making sure the exposure was evenly distributed from multiple angles of the waterfalls to prevent us having to move the light later on & possibly compromising the shot. We had the light on the lowest power and let our cameras shutter speed burn in the ambient light. We had to make sure the studio light and the light from the stars were balanced evenly or else the studio light would have drown out the stars. All cameras were in manual mode all night and started manually ramping Shutter speed and ISO as the light started to change. Later that morning, I switched to aperture priority mode - after the sun was high enough for more consistent & less dramatic light patterns.


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Eastern Sierras 4k

Behind the shot :

This video was filmed over the course of two weeks. Flying from Detroit, Michigan to Las Vegas, Nevada - renting a SUV then driving from Vegas to Death Valley (California), about a 2.5 hour drive into the desert. Once I arrived to Furnace Creek, Ca - where I'd be staying for the next three days, I linked up with fellow photographers Michael Shainblum & Erin Babnik and went over the plan for the next couple weeks. Every day we woke up at 4:00am PDT, drove to our location which was usually 20 - 40 minutes away. On average we would hike a mile or two, to our final destination. Our journey began in Death Valley, California where we made stops at Zabriskie Point, Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Badwater Basin (Lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level), Saltwater creek ( where it rained most of the time, but Death Valley receives less than one inch of rain a year so it was pretty amazing to experience), continued to some insane Mud Tiles found about a mile off the road in the middle of nowhere. After we wrapped in Death Valley we headed to Bishop California - about 3 more hours of driving through the harsh desert, high mountains ( snow covered in some parts ) and spent a few more days adventuring around those parts of the Eastern Sierras, visiting long winding rivers, insane foliage landscapes that resemble brush fires when first light hits. ect. you can find anything you want out there, its amazing! After a few days in Bishop, CA we made the drive to Lone Pine, Ca (about an hour drive). Lone Pine is cool because it resembles an old school western town, its also where they filmed a lot of the old western films including The Lone Ranger, Django Unchained, etc. while in Lone Pine we visited the Alabama Hills & Whitneys Portal. Lone Pine is also home to the highest mountain peak in the United States, Mt. Whitney standing at 14,505 feet above sea level.

Film Projects

Fireworks Festival

Behind the shot :

This project was filmed in Bay City, Michigan - 2017 during their annual Fourth of July Fireworks Festival. The tools I used to pull off this shot were as follow: Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8, Benro TravelGo Plus Tripod, and the Advanced Ramper Pro 3 timelapse controller by Elysia Visuals. This project was captured entirely in 8k resolution which allowed me to animate all the camera movement in post production ( Using Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects ).

About the Artist

Morgan Andrew Somers

Morgan Andrew Somers is a photographer and videographer who specializes in a wide range of practices such as: Astrophotography, Time-lapse, Landscape, Aerial, Panoramic, and 360 VR content. Somers’ years of experience has made him proficient in his trade and now allows him to share his experience with others by offering workshops and classes in photography as well as online photography and post-production tutorials. Along with these things Somers also provides image licensing and 360 virtual tours for Google Business and Map listings.


As a Michigan native Somers often found himself driven to the unique balance between cityscapes and landscapes in the environment that surrounded him. Now, his work continues to stem from that curiosity and questions the boundaries of its medium by capturing the essence of both the natural and urban setting, exploring a new perspective of the two. His Michigan roots led him to shoot the most viral photo of Michigan ever to be uploaded and was ultimately picked up by Pure Michigan, who has since published more of his work.


In addition to Pure Michigan, Somers works with several companies along with Adobe, Nike, Google, The Travel Channel, Getty Images, The Detroit Lions, and Red Bull. From his work, Somers has received many awards including 1st place in the Professional Photographers of America Association Photo Contest and won Worlds Best Photography of 2015 by Sigma Corporation of America; leading to publications in The Detroit Metro Times, Pure Michigan, The Travel Channel, and Shutterbug Magazine.

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